Riekie Botha

Software Developer

These are the most important people in my life: Husband, Mother, children and our animal family.

Botha familie


Programming in languages like Javascript and PHP

I studied Computer Science at the University of Pretoria and worked as a programmer for 20+ years.I developed an application in my free time. The application helped my son (and me!) to study the times tables. I first wrote it in Java and the rewrote it in Javascript, JQuery and JQuery Mobile, it is a bit outdated now, but still works. I developed websites for a while in Joomla. the started concentrating on my son and started a school where I taught programming using Scratch, I also touched on Python and built a robot car with the Raspberry Pi. I am now busy to learn new tecnologies and I like Vue.js and Laravel. I am planning to start working again in 2020.


Photography, Art and Graphics


I liked to draw from a young age. I made a few sketches and paintings, my favourite medium is watercolour. I appreciate photographs of landscapes and wildlife, whish I could travel and see all the beautiful places in the world! I made a few logos in Inkscape and and I find Gimp also very useful to make backgrounds and improve pictures, I still have a few couses that I want to finish as I am still an amateur with graphics art



Mostly tennis

I love tennis! To see one Open live is on my bucketlist. I watch all the opens and major ATP tournaments. I am sure it is not a big surprise that my favourite player is Roger Federer. My children also like tennis, and has tennis lessons. We play at our local club each Saturday, really good to get some exercise and sunlight. I only watch big rugby games where South Africa is one of the teams playing. I am very proud of the Springboks winning the world cup!

Ruben - tennis